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We are back!

Nou tounen! 2020 was quite the roller coster for Jaden PepLa. Due to COVID-19 health concerns, our organization was forced to chancel trips and delay projects, which has caused adjustments to our goals and timelines.

But we are moving forward, stronger than ever! A couple of weeks ago, our founder Kenel got a chance to go check on the farm. Its been over a year (crazy) since we had to cancel a big trip and a series of workshops, but Ti Ton Ton (Little Uncle) has done a fantastic job keeping the farm alive! Over the last year, we were able to produce blackbeans, plantains, moringa, and started a nursery for hot peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and okra.

Right now, Little Uncle is working with the community to harvest black beans. It has been so humbling to see all of the hard work put in by the community to keep the people's garden alive!

This fall, co-founders Lauren and Kenel plant to get the farmhouse complete and start working on our moringa factory! Before long, we will be back on track helping to fulfill our promise to feed the future of Haiti.

Thanks to everyone for your support. As always, your donations are greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to inquire about joining upcoming trips, please email

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