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Sa ou fè se li ou wè - Feeding the Future

For the past couple of years, Jaden PepLa has been working to move the needle forward on a mission to offer agricultural education and access to nutritionally dense foods to the people of Haiti.

We have many goals still to achieve, but today we share that we are ready to start checking some off the list.

Those of you who have been following us for sometime know that we have been working very hard to complete our farm house...which is finally nearing completion. But we still need to raise the roof!

The farm house is a critical step for Jaden PepLa. It will provide a safe harbor for our team and volunteers, and also a kitchen so we can safely prepare moringa products produced on our farm for years to come.

We have mentioned many times the importance of partnerships in building our organization. In our next visit, these will become a reality.

This March, we will be holding a number of workshops with partnering organizations and, for the first time, distributing samples of our moringa peanut butter to communities. This is CRITICAL before we begin production, as early as next year (fingers crossed)

We are VERY excited that some of these workshops will be held in collaboration with Midwives for Haiti -- who have been a critical part of our journey already (in more ways than one).

Midwives For Haiti is an AMAZING organization that saves the lives of mothers and babies in Haiti by training skilled birth attendants and empowering women.

As we evolved Jaden PepLa will be continuing to grow our partnership with groups just like this to improve maternal and child health. More details on these workshops will be shared as the event draws closer!

While the founders do not take any money for our salaries or administration, we still experience cost and are very appreciate of our supporters.

If possible, please consider contributing to Jaden PepLa and helping us to Feed the Future of Haiti.

Mèsi zanmi mwen!!!!


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