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Gearing up for 2020

Our team realized we have been delinquent on a recent blog post, but we want to ensure all of our supporters that Jaden PèpLa is still moving forward, even with some bumps along the way.

In our last post we shared with you a number of updates on our summer visit to the People's Garden, which include construction of our farm house and our first moringa workshop. Due to the protest in Haiti causing challenges in the team's travel plans, we will not be able to finish the Farm House this month, but hope to in early 2020.

So what can you expect in 2020?

Next year will be a VERY big year for the team at Jaden PèpLa. Ti Tonton (little uncle), our farm manager, is gearing up to plant our next batch of black beans which will be harvested early spring. Producing products like black beans and peanuts will continue to be an important part of the farm's operation.

Next year, Jaden PepLa will begin scaling our moringa workshops and begin partnering with organizations to educate community members, especially young families, about the benefits of moringa and increase the production of moringa to local farmers in our community. And, whats even MORE exciting, is this will help us prepare for the construction of our moringa factory, which we hope to begin next fall.

So how can you help?

1) We are actively looking to offer workshops to community organizations in our trips this upcoming spring. If you know a school, hospital, or similar organization in central Haiti that would be interested in hosting a workshop, please send your suggestions to

2) As we build our partnerships, we will need to begin raising funds to help get our moringa peanut butter and similar products in the hands of those in need. Our aspiration is to raise money that can fund the construction of our first moringa factory, as well as operational capital, which in turn will allow us to donate and sell our product to community organizations.

If you know or organizations or grants that could support this initiative, please let us know!

Thank you to all you for your kind support.

The Jaden PèpLa team.

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