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Please Support Jaden PepLa on indiegogo!

I am planning to go back to Haiti mid-November this year to work on the farm and do more training in the community.

We are raising funds for two primary reasons.

1) To complete the farmhouse. By doing so, we will have a place to store leftovers of produce and have a place to stay when we are working. This will also be the future home to host farmers that we will teach.

2) We would like to help some poor farmers get some seeds to start their own garden spot after being training at Jaden PèpLa. In Haiti, many people want to have their own vegetables garden but can’t afford the seeds or and may can't even find a place that offers them. We can address this problem!

We are raising $12,000 to:

1) put a roof on the farmhouse

2) install the floor, a toilet, and the kitchen

3) to buy seed for the local farmers

4) payment + food and drinks for workers

And finally, for other infrastructure needs to begin processing and harvesting crops, including the moringa trees.

If you can't donate right now, there are many other ways you and support us, including sending seeds or sharing our information with your social network.

Mesi zanmi!